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Oil Separator

Wagh Engineering Enterprise has introduced a BilgeKleen, an oily water treatment Unit to separate oil from water and transfer the clear water back to the tank. This consists of a compact coalescer unit to remove floating petroleum products from water/coolant tanks using a floating skimmer and coalescing plates and media.

A floating skimmer connected to a suction pump is placed in the bilge tank and transfers the oily water to a separate coalescer tank where the oily water is dispersed through parallel plates.

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The coalescing media helps to collate smaller oil droplets into bigger droplets causing oil to float on the surface of a liquid and eventually separate out through the tank skimmer in a separate oil collection tank. Clearwater is recirculated through a patented 15-micron cartridge back to the bilge tank. Wagh Engineering Enterprise offers different types of oil separators capable of extracting only the salted-out oil from the bath so as to fully preserve the performance of your emulsion. A complete range is offered according to your needs.

Specifications :

m3/hrUS gpmlt/min
System 311.56.62511/2" AlphaL100M04
System 32313.25011/2" AlphaL125M08
System 33626.41002" AlphaL150M12
System 3410441653" AlphaL200M24
System 3520883303" AlphaL300M36

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