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Jacket Reactor

Jacketed reactors provide an excellent means of achieving reliable and consistent results, allowing scientists to scale up their reactions and increase yield from the process materials being utilized. Every good chemist knows the importance of accurate temperature management to a controlled reaction. It underlies critical safety and quality parameters and may ultimately mean the difference between the success or failure of the reaction. Reaction vessels typically use cooling and/or heating jackets to achieve optimal temperature control: removing heat in exothermic reactions and increasing heat in endothermic reactions.

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Description :

Reactors are containers in which chemical reactions are carried out. Given the variety of types of reactions carried out in chemical processing, reactors are made in a huge range of configurations, from a variety of materials. They have a plethora of uses in the chemical industry such as distillation, API manufacture, crystallization, extraction, and post-processing to name only a few. Manufactured in a range of formats, sizes, and materials (typically glass or stainless steel) to suit the end-user’s chemistry, there are almost limitless options for customization.

Specifications :

Max Design Pressure0-10 bar
MaterialStainless Steel
Material GradeSA 240 TP 304
Vessel Dimensions2570 MM ID X 2900 MM W.L TO W.L X 12/12 MM
Diameter2570 MM
Is It Insulated JacketNonInsulated Jacket

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