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Wagh Engineering Enterprises is a global distributor of various compressed air system equipment.

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“WEE & You, A Synergized Partnership Towards Total Industrial Solutions”.

Our products have passed ISO9001/2015, QUALITY and SAFETY. All our air compressors and pressure vessels exported are produced according to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards and IS code.

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Oil Free Compressor

oil-free compressor manufacturers work for all of your critical applications. Oil-free air compressors draw in the outside air through the unloader valve, controlled by the control system. When the valve is open, the compressor pumps air and is active. The oil-free screw air compressors are less expensive, lighter in weight, and produce as much airflow (CFM) & pressure (psi) as many oil-lubricated models. Delivering reliable oil-free compressed air to your facility goes well beyond the compressor itself. Optimize the total cost of ownership through a systems approach that employs the best air compression technologies to deliver reliability for life—from design to decommissioning.

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Wagh Engineering Enterprise is a market leader offering a wide portfolio of innovative air products, services, and solutions that enhance your energy efficiency and productivity objectives. From processes that require large volumes of flow, to industries with a fluctuating demand that requires the use of the Nirvana oil-free VSD compressor, Ingersoll Rand will assess and propose the best oil-free air compressor solution for your needs.

Specifications :

CFM Requirement1.25 MultiplySuggested Tank Size
202530 gallon
405050-60 gallon
6581.2590-100 gallon
80100100-120 gallon

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