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After Cooler

An aftercooler is a mechanical cooling unit that operates on the principles of heat exchange between two mediums usually water and air. Aftercooler units can be used to attain temperatures between 5-20°F immediately after compressed air is released from the compression unit. An aftercooler is a heat exchanger that cools the hot compressed air to precipitate the water that otherwise would condensate in the pipe system. It is water-cooled or air-cooled, is generally equipped with a water separator with automatic drainage, and should be placed close to the compressor.

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Approximately 80–90% of the precipitated condensation water is collected in the aftercooler’s water separator. A common value for the temperature of the compressed air after passing through the aftercooler is approx. 10˚C above the coolant temperature, but can vary depending on the type of cooler. An after-cooler is used in virtually all stationary installations. In most cases, an after-cooler is built into modern compressors. An aftercooler is a mechanical heat exchanger designed to remove the heat and moisture of compression from a compressed air stream so the air is cool and dry enough for use in air-operated equipment.

Specifications :

CFM Requirement1.25 MultiplySuggested Tank Size
202530 gallon
405050-60 gallon
6581.2590-100 gallon
80100100-120 gallon

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