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Nitrogen Tank


Wagh Engineering Enterprises is a global distributor of various compressed air system equipment.

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Our products have passed ISO9001/2015, QUALITY and SAFETY. All our air compressors and pressure vessels exported are produced according to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards and IS code.

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Nitrogen Tank

As a leading manufacturer of Custom Pressure Vessels, 2 Phase Separators and 3 Phase Separators, and Process Skids, Wagh Engineering Enterprise delivers the highest standards and reliable products to end users, OEM’s, and manufacturers.

Wagh Engineering Enterprise gas pressure vessels are used to receive and store gas. Nitrogen (N2) is generally used. HYDAC offers for this purpose a wide selection of vessel forms and sizes.

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Specifications :

Model:Pressure Vessels
Total Volume @ 100 %:1059 to 10593 ft3  (30 to 300 m3)
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure MAWP Psig (Kg/cm2):300 to 500 (21 to 35)
Product:(Gas) Oxygen, Nitrogen,  Argon, Others
Evaporation rate(%):NA
Design & MFG codesASME Section VIII Div.1, Last Edition

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