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Ammonia Tank

Ammonia has been stored as a liquid since ammonia production on an industrial scale began about 100 years ago. Ammonia was initially stored in pressurized systems, such as bullets and Horton spheres. Typically, spheres were used to store up to 2,000 tones. Today, atmospheric ammonia storage tanks are used to store up to 50,000 tones of ammonia at plant sites and distribution terminals. Low-pressure ammonia storage has been widely accepted for two reasons. First, it requires much less capital per unit volume. Second, it is safer than sphere storage which uses pressures higher than atmospheric. With the large-scale industrial production of ammonia, it has become common to store ammonia at atmospheric pressure and at -33°C.

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Description :

Wagh Engineering Enterprise is a manufacturer and exporter of ammonia storage tanks. We provide ammonia storage tanks that are horizontal or vertical types with capacities from 1 to 150 M3. Ammonia is used as an element for manufacturing many different chemicals and products. The tanks are provided with all accessories like internal valves, pipelines, Excess flow valves safety fittings, and valves as per requirement. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms.

Specifications :

Gases usedOxygen
Max Design Pressure15-20 bar
MaterialCarbon Steel
CoatingPaint Coated
Diameter10 to 48 inch

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