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Moisture Separator

Removal of Moisture becomes essential from gases and Steam as it cause two-phase flow, water hammer, damage to equipment, as well as it affects heat transfer, total heat carrying capacity of the fluid in case of steam. For effective separation of moisture from Steam Air and other gases, is the uniquely designed Baffle type of separator. In this separator the incoming fluid hit the baffle and the changing contour and resulting in expanding of volume, moisture gets deposited on the cool Baffle plates to be drained by the natural inclined inner profile of the separator, whereas the Steam/gas gets around the Baffle and out sans moisture, ensuring 95% efficiency, and longer life of the equipment.

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Description :

Wet steam can lead to problems like water hammer and corrosion which in turn can damage costly equipment like flowmeters, control valves, etc. Forbes Marshall moisture separators effectively remove moisture from steam ensuring the highest dryness fraction at the outlet. Forbes Marshall offers a wide range of moisture separators in different materials and a large variety of sizes. Moisture separators can be cast or fabricated as required. Thorough engineering and precise manufacturing ensure complete removal of entrained moisture particles.

Specifications :

ModelPipe SizeFlow RatesDimensionWeight
VWS-010G 1/2″10017094422041301.753.85
VWS-012G 3/4″12521294372061301.753.85
VWS-015G 1″15025594372121301.753.85
VWS-025G 1 1/2″350580120443722204.59.9
VWS-040G 2″6001000173634683407.516.5
VWS-090G 2 1/2″10001700173604713409.520.9
Line Pressure>bar g1357911131516
psi g154473100131160189218232
Correction factor0.50.710.8711.121.221.321.411.56

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