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Our products have passed ISO9001/2015, QUALITY and SAFETY. All our air compressors and pressure vessels exported are produced according to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards and IS code.

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Dental Compressor

Dental air compressors are an essential part of every dental practice, and they are required to make things work smoothly. A compressor is a machine that takes in ambient air and filters moisture out of it using a number of processes such as cooling and adsorption. It provides power to air-driven equipment like handpieces and 3-way syringes, among other things. The air quality of the compressor is critical for maintaining sanitary conditions. Oil-free compressors create dry air with no seepage of oil or other pollutants, lowering the risk of pathogen exposure in patients.

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In order to provide high-quality treatment to patients, compressed air must be hygienic. Unicorn DenMart offers oil-free, super-quiet compressors from international manufacturers that provide 100 percent dry air. It also has an anti-bacterial inner tank coating that prevents rusting and ensures that compressed air is clean.

We are highly adept at providing different kinds of Dental Compressors which are used for clean and oil-free delivery. Further, these are robust, highly durable, and are offered in both silenced and standard forms. We cater to the varied demands of clients and charge industry-leading rates.

Specifications :

CFM Requirement1.25 MultiplySuggested Tank Size
202530 gallon
405050-60 gallon
6581.2590-100 gallon
80100100-120 gallon

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